Praxis Blog: Experiential and Reflexive Ideas for Enhancing Computer Assistance for QDA

Introducing this blog – an outlet for my emerging ideas and experiences in considering As outlined elsewhere I am undertaking a research project exploring the influences on software choice and the way that STS researchers theorise, understand and use software in their research.

Part of this research project involves comparative analysis of the data set in differnet packages (to date this has primarily been NVivo 11 Pro , ATLAS.ti 7 and ATLAS.ti Mac) which has led to some pretty fundamental challenges around synchronising transcripts with media across these different packages.

More recently this is evolving to (finally) include ATLAS.ti 8. I have made some initial engagements in using Leximancer

I am hoping, due to some synergies and cross-overs with a “Big Data” project I am involved in to systematically analyse student survey data at Lancaster University to also bring in analysis in NVivo 11 Plus as well as QDA Miner/WordSTAT.

I am drawing on these experiences here to write about emerging ideas, thoughts and suggestions for using features, achieving analytic aims in different ways in different packages and features and enhancements I would like to see.