Individual Project Consultancy

I offer competitive rates with generous students reductions for individual consultancy on a research project.

Consultancy services and processes:

  • Signing any non-disclouse or participant statements with regard to working with sensitive data
  • Free initial consideration of your issues (up to 30 minutes) and quotation on the time required together with some advice on how to prepare so that such a session will have the most benefit.
  • Reading literature and/or your draft writing about your chosen approach and use of NVivo to support your enquiry and answer your research questions.
  • Looking through and providing wirtten or verbal feedback and suggestions on your NVivo project file.
  • Guidance on reflective ways to develop both queries and written accounts and descriptions of these methods for your research report.
  • Individual support working with you and practical steps to enhance your project.
  • Screen recordings and/or written documentation and step-by-step guides to the processes in NVivo to develop your analysis further.


Please email for a quotation.


PhD Student Consultations can be paid via PayPal using the link below:

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