I am Dr. Steven Wright, an independent consultant and trainer in text, survey and interview analysis using Computer Applications for Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS).

I have extensive experience and expertise in capacity development and support for NVivo and ATLAS.ti. I have experience in working with large qualitative datasets  including staff, customer and public consultation surveys (3k>130k responses) as well as social media data using NVivo Plus and DiscoverText , and supporting simpler analysis requirements with a lower training overhead using Quirkos and F4 Analyse.

I develop materials and provide support on qualitative research technologies for novice users, expert qualitative analysts as well as statisticians and planners working with qualitative data for the first time.

I run blended-learning training sessions for Government Departments in the UK and Overseas and for researchers at Universities. These have been delivered as face-to-face workshops, streaming webinar events or live remote support and consultancy or online (via a live stream and subsequent recording of the f2f session along with webinars and forums). These cover choosing and using a CAQDAS package, and then build on that through introductory, advanced and bring-your-own-data sessions for both ATLAS.ti and NVivo.

QSR_Certified Expert_2016-2017_Stacked

I am a Certified NVivo Expert and run training courses in NVivo and have provided extensive support to Government Statistical Agencies in association with Clode Consultants, regional government planning teams, ORganisation Developers and HR departments. In the academic area I have supported world-leading researchers and research centres at Lancaster University as well as PhD students at Lancaster University and UCLan and to individual students at other universities via web conferencing.

I am also a Certified Senior ATLAS.ti Trainer ATLASti professional senior trainerand have provided bespoke consultancy for teams using ATLAS.ti on a number of research council funded projects.

I was awarded a PhD in Technology Enhanced Learning awarded 2014 and made extensive use of ATLAS.ti in my thesis.

I contribute to the  ATLAS.ti research blog and presented at both the 2015 ATLAS.ti conference  and ran workshops at the 2018 conference.

I work part-time as a Learning Technologist at Lancaster University in the Faculty of Health and Medicine, and have over 10 years experience of working with and supporting postgraduate and PhD distance learning students.

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  1. Steven, would it be possible to chat with you over the phone. ..or if easier ask some questions over email about using atlas.ti? I am an academic but working for a start up not for profit organisation on what is developing into a large piece of qualitative research.


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